How to Edit Text in CapCut Template

CapCut APK is a very famous video editing app. It has lots of ready-to-use premade templates for users. But today, we will discuss How to Edit Text in CapCut Template because this job is difficult for a newly started video editing field user. In this article, we’ll teach you how to Edit Text in CapCut Template in a straightforward way that will prove an easy job.

Tutorial of How to Edit Text in CapCut Template

Editing text in the CapCut template is not difficult; it’s a cakewalk. Before discussing how to edit text in CapCut Template, the most important thing you’d note is that all the Templates are not editable text, so choose only the template in which you see text in the template. We’re telling you some easy steps of how to edit text in CapCut Template.

  • The first step is to open CapCut on your phone and create a New Project.
  • Search Templates in CapCut, choose a text editable template, and Import the video or image in which you want to edit the text.
  • Now, you can edit text by clicking on the “Text” in the control bar and the text in the clip you want to edit.
  • Click again on the text; the writing option will enable it on your screen. Now, write the words you want to write.
  • After writing your desired text, click on “Done.” For example, if you want to add your name on the front of the video clip, click on the edit and write the text you want in the text bar.

That’s it; that’s how to edit text in CapCut Template. You can also try Wink Premium APK.

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How to Make the 3D Text Template on CapCut:

People can edit the 3D text templates to make their project attractive, and they have to follow the given steps:

  • CapCut’s 3D text template creation probability is relatively self-conscious. They should also find through text effects to locate one in three dimensions.
  • In their project, they should make the appearance of three-dimensional text if they use the proper effect and a particular type of motion.

How to Animate the Text Template on CapCut:

People want to animate their text on their projects, so they can edit their text in animation form by following the following steps:

  • With the text tracking capability of the CapCut, the text might be animated simultaneously so that it follows a choosing moving item in the project.
  • Click the Text icon after importing the template into the CapCut project.
  • Click on the text clip after adding text to the project.
  • To search Tracking, swipe till it seems in the bottom toolbar.
  • Click to focus on the tracking area, then position the broadcaster in the middle of the moving item.
  • To initiate auto-tracking, press the green tracking icon.
  • They will watch the text move alongside the selected object once it is done.
  • Applying the graphs feature will let people slowly increase and decrease the tracking motion.

How to Change the Text Templates on CapCut:

To change or edit the on CapCut is one of the simplest methods. They need to follow the following steps to edit the text on templates that are given below:

  • Firstly, install the CapCut application from our website or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the CapCut app from the application drawer of the device. When ready, begin a new project and include a video, audio, and photos, which they edit.
  • At the bottom toolbar, tap on the “Text” option.
  • This step will open the text editing interface, where they can include, edit, and customize the text to their project.
  • Select a Text Template that they desire to edit. CapCut provides a variety of pre-designed text templates that they can use to include text in their project. They can scroll through the list of templates because there are many templates that they can use until they find the one they desire to use. Click on the template to choose it.
  • Once they choose the template, they can edit the text by double-clicking it. 
  • They see that they have 4 different buttons around the text that users can click on the edge of, and they press on the one that looks like a pen.
  • This step will bring up the text editor or keyboard, where they can make changes or edit the text, like changing the font, size, and color.
  • To edit the text content, click the box and type in their wanted text. They can also edit the position of the text box by dragging it to a new location on the screen.
  • If they want to include a new text box to the project, click the “Add” icon and select “Text.” This action will make a new text box that they can edit and customize according to their choices.
  • To customize the text, they can approach the advanced text editing tools by clicking the “T” button at the top of the screen. This button will give people additional options, like adding text animation effects, adjusting the line spacing, and more.
  • They don’t need knowledgeable editing capabilities to work with the settings because they are defaults.
  • Once they are finished with the changes they have made, press the “Done” button to save their edits.

How to Make the Text Template Transparent on CapCut:

People can make their text transparent on CapCut simply by following our steps, which are given below:

  • People might change the transparency of the text after including it in the project with CapCut to make attractive or stunning styles.
  • They could use it to apply watermarks to the videos in CapCut.
  • Choose the Text button, type their text as they watch it’s perfect, and press the Done button.
  • To change the transparency of the text and titles, use the Opacity slider in the style button.
  • Set the Opacity to around 30-40 and watch the effects on the screen.
  • The text is transparent, and it looks amazing.

Final Wording

In this article, we have discussed how to edit text in CapCut templates. We have covered the following topics:

  • How to make a 3D text template on CapCut
  • How to animate a text template on CapCut
  • How to change a text template on CapCut
  • How to make a text template transparent on CapCut

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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